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Learn from the masters: Ansel Adams!

Hi everyone,

This will be a new part of my blog called: Learn from the masters! Learn from the masters are posts which feature quotes by the masters, information about them and overall how to apply there knowledge. Not only photographic masters will be featured, but also masters of art, politics and many more topics.
Well, let's get started on the first post of many:

Learn from the masters: Ansel Adams...

Ansel Easton Adams was an American photographer and enviromentalist. He developed a new way to get the right exposure and has thought this to his students. Therefore this characterizes his and his students photos because of their clarity and depth. Ansel Adams is best known for his black and white landscapes which are absolutely stunning. Ansel's photos are still used today for many things. 

The first quote:

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs"

This quote says essentialy that photography is an art instead of a science. A photo can not be made good by following rules, but a good photograph just has to be good. But rules can help, more as guidelines. And as you know: Rules are there to be broke.

The second quote:

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand."
Ansel Adams was mostly a landscape photographer, and therefore had to walk a lot. His quote is very true for exactly that type of photographers: landscape photographers. The same landscape can look very different if you view it from left, than when you view it from the right. So the place of view can make or break a photo. That's why you always should take more photos from multiple angles and places. Even a small step can change a photo.

A trailer park in Austria
If I walked one step more I would have fallen down from a quite high hill. But if I had walked one step less, a tree would be in front of the photo.

I hope you've learned something,



I've almost no time, so that's why this post isn't very long. Whithin a short timeperiod a second Learn from the masters: Ansel Adams post will be posted.

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