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How to find time for photography

I must admit I'm no export on this field...

I have a lot of weeks during which I don't even touch my camera once. But that's going to change, or atleast I'll try my best to change it.
I know for sure many of you have the same problem, and many of you want to spend more time to take photos or to do more research on the art.
It's the same as with anything you want to spend more time on, like sports or blogging.
It's pretty easy I must say, and it's a pitty I didn't tried earlier on to do it this way!

So, how?

Well, here we go:
Have you ever said to yourself: "Okay, I gonna watch TV for 20 minutes and then I'll start on my homework"?
I know for sure you have! And, if your a bit like me, I know too that you didn't watch TV for 20 minutes but for an hour or so.
Do you see it, how you can "stretch" time. This is the way you are going to get yourself more time for photography. An easy and painless way I suppose.

So say to yourself: "I gonna spend 20 minutes on photography every day", and place your camera somewhere where you can grab it easy. Then, when you come home and you go to the TV you'll see the camera first. And that is the only hard part! I understand that you like being lazy after a day of "hard work", but when you apply this method, being lazy becomes boring. Really, if you're used to it it'll be much more fun to go out taking photos than going to the couch and watch TV.
So it actually has multiple advantages:
  • You become less lazy
  • You become more productive
  • You become a better photographer
And the last one is where it's all about, but the first two aren't bad either.
I know this isn't really a post about photography, but it can be more important than ten tutorials. You can't learn anything if you don't spend time on it. 

I know the post isn't very long, but it has content. Useful content if you ask me!

To become great you need time, I'll help you to find that time.


This is a quick post between my actual posts.

First post in a long time....


I haven't been on blogger for a long time since I thought Wordpress would suite me better. 
It didn't, so I'm back on Blogger!
I also stopped blogging for a while, since I didn't had the time to blog.
But I'm back and I'll try to post a new post every friday starting next week.
So next friday around six o'clock there will be a new post here!

And because I haven't been around a long time, an extra post now.
Here it is:

How to improve your landscape photography

Lately I've been to Germany, Winterberg. The landscape there is absolutely amazing. Really stunning.
So I couldn't leave my camera in my bag, so I've taken a lot of photos.
Well actually not that much since we only stayed there for like three days.
I've got three tips for you that will make your landscapes better (unless you already know and use them):

Tell a story:

This don't have be obvious, very present in your picture. Just a clue to a story is enough so that the viewer can make a story up for him/herself. This does very heavily depend on you own style and ideas, but a good landscape does always tell something. This can vary from a real story to a short scentence or two (which can be a story). Like the saying goes: a picture can tell more than thousend words....

A story like: I'm free. Since the photo was taken on the outside.

A story like: live is a prison, but there are some ways to escape.

Take a tripod with you:

I've taken most photos without a tripod, but that's because we had to walk a long way. I can't show you an example of a good tripod-using photo for that reason. But it was a great walk and we even came home (after we had been walking for 4 hours in the forest) happily and dry.

Guide the viewer:

A photo is your world. Your creation. Nobody else know what you mean with it unless you tell them. 
That's the same with focal point. You have to guide the viewers eyes to through the photo, otherwise they will say that the picture is boring. People, especcially art viewers, love to be guided or atleast to be helped.

Like this road, it takes your eyes in the picture. 
I hope you enjoyed it, and I see you next time,