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To repeat or not repeat....

Let's face it!

We all hate to do chores because these are so monotonous.
If something is monotonous, than you have to repeat something over and over again.
It's not very amusing to do that, but in photography it sort of is.

I don't mean it's amusing to take the exact same photo over and over again.
Neither to mount your lens on your camera over and over again.
To repeat something is never amusing.

The way it's used in photography, is by repeating an element in your photo.
For example a ordinary photo of the lamps in my house.
You see the lamp three times, which isn't very much.
Although it isn't very much, it makes the composition a bit nicer.
If there was only one lamp in the photo, then it wouldn't look this nice or creative.
I know this isn't the best photo of the world, but I think it is a good example of repition!

So here's my tip:
"If it's possible, search for repetition in the landscape or whatever you want to take a photo of.   But it can make or break a composition. So you have to focus on one of the objects which are in the picure because otherwise the viewer doesn't know were to look at. After all, there a so     many the same things in the photo. "

 Focus on one, let there be many!



If it is to short or not enough in depth information, please comment so I know what to work on. Even if that's everything!

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