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Why do

Why do?

I think you have seen that my blog URL starts with "photography-do".
But -do on the end doesn't come from the verb "to do", but from the Japanese term for way.
Again not the ordinary use of way, but more like a way of life or lifestyle if you like.

Photography is something you have always with your.
Because the most imoportant thing in photography isn't the camera or your mobile phone.
It isn't the sd card or even the lens, it is your sight. Your eyes.
It is you who makes the composition of the picture.

This is why I placed "-do" behind "photography" in my URL.
I hope that you see, that even without a camera you can practice the art of photography.
Everywhere you look, you can try to see an amazing composition, this way you'll become better fast.
But ofcourse it is much easier when you have a camera. :-)

Photography can be a lifestyle, a way of life.
You can practice it all day long.
Close one eye and look at the world.
You'll see the beauty of it, in a "photo-like" way!
I think this is one of the only arts a cyclops has an advantage in! :-)


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