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The art of focus!

You can't see everything!

Well, techniccaly you can. But that isn't important.
What matters is that if you show everything, it becomes a mess. 
A bit busy, sometimes that's good, but mostly it isn't.
If you wan't to show something to somebody, you point it out, don't you?
But if you wan't to show something to somebody over the internet, what do you do than?

I know the answer, I think!
You would open it in whatever photo-editing software you want and encircle it!
Now, you can't do that if you wan't a nice photo.
Ofcourse it looks creative and very modern, sometimes, but it isn't the classic way to do it.

You noticed I did something elso to focus your eye on the subject?
Did you? I know you did!
You saw that the background wasn't clear at all, heu!
You saw it was blurred!
That's how you focus someones eye, the classical way.

Now, you can accomplish this by focussing on the subject.
Autofocus or manual focus, it doesn't matter as long as the focus is on the subject.
The further you zoom in, the more blurred the background will be.
But that isn't the only way, again, to do it!

You can also change the f-stop.
If you choose a low f-stop number, the background will get very blurred.
If you choose a high f-stop number, everything will be clear. Great for landscapes!
With the change of the f-stop comes a couple of side effects, but I will explain how to fix those later on.


"If you want to make a great photo, don't show the audience everything. Focus on one let there be many, as I said previous week. Only if it is on purpose, show a lot. I will tell you about that later on! Just focus on the subject and blur the rest. I know it is simple, but it wil make your photos (I think) a lot nicer! Please subscribe and let me know you're there."

Mobile Tips

If you're using a mobile phone to make the picture, than it's for most people the same as with a camera. But for those who can't set the f-stop/f-value: "you can focus on the object, and go close to accomplish the same effect. Also, if you can't set where you wanna focus: "go close and make your picture, I think that will work to"".



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