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Into the void!

Worth of nothingness!

Okay, let's try a simple experiment:
  • First, pick a jar of something
  • Second, remove the something
  • Third, stick your hand in
  • What do you feel?
Okay, you can answer two things: nothing or glass.
I won't say anything about the "glass" answer, but rather about the "nothing".
It's frustrating to feel nothing, isn't it?
Just like in my previous article, in photography it's conversely!

It can be very nice to look at some "negative space".
This means that in the photo there is some emptiness.
It "calms" down the picture, so it's the opposite of a aperture used for landscapes.
It makes you too calm down, maybe. (^_^)

Now, nothingness in photography, doesn't always mean litrally "nothing" or "empty".
It can also be a big white, or whatever colored space.
Even a great blurred space can be negative space.
Negative space is especcialy usefull if you are going to type something in this space.
It can also make your eye focus on the subject, which I belive is very important.

Look, your eye is drawn to the subject, not he surroundings.
So again, you can't achieve this effect with some fancy software.
Now, actually you can, but a gonna explain that later on.
It's done by just leaving things out of the photo.
This isn't difficult at all, but you can crate some nice photos with it!

So my tip:
"Not doing things is sometimes the best, just like not photographing some things. Just leave it out of the compositition, and your composition will be nicer! So: if you want a great photo, make a photo of one thing, not of many. Let the eye focus on one, let there be one too. It's the easiest to do it this way."

Mobile Tips

Your mobile phone is especially suited for this! 
Because your can reach spots with your phone, you can't with a camera.
Articles made for mobile phones will come, I promise!



Sorry for the bad photos, my camera has a problem.
This are some older, bad, photos.

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